What you see is what you get: A team of focused professionals ready to hit the ground running. We’ve joined forces to produce solutions that save the day time and again and leave you wondering why the big guys have to make such a big production out of everything.

Learn & Assess

Accelerating expertise

Brain Circle

The secret to our superpowers? Versatility. While the rest of the team works on solutions designed for your external clients, our founder (one of the top learning strategists in the country) focuses on your internal clients – your employees – to maximize individual performance. In the end, we all work to increase awareness of products and services to help you generate sales and revenue.Read More_Final 2 copy


Design & Then Some

Ideas take flight

Listen Circle Final 2

There’s one superpower we all share: We listen. And we hear better than most. So when your experience is talking to us, we’re focused on getting to the heart of your needs. The results can be amazing – websites that work, design that sets you apart, employees that turn into staunch brand ambassadors. Your challenges inspire us.

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Seeing & Believing

Show or tell?

Video Circle

Design by M2 cut its teeth on creating videos that turn learners into masters and we’ve gone on to build a full suite of video capabilities - from concept development, storyboards and gorgeous footage to music and post production. Whether you want to educate, entertain or promote, we’d love to show you how it’s done.Read More_Final 2 copy